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we are quantum


There is no lab equipped to solve the fissures of our absence

nor discover the forces our fusion unleash

indescribable. unfathomable.

This is where the laws of the universe spoil.

Where physics dissolve in the erosion of time.

Where logic unravels.

I move towards you with hope and expectation and sweaty palms.

Each mile brings me closer to sharing your breath.

I want to plummet into you.

You are music

And I ache to sing your notes

in my soul

These days without you defy Einstein.

The tick of a watch fails measurement.

We have lived thirty years and centuries apart.

We have lived every moment in each other’s oceans.

Myth wonders if all waters are one–is the liquid of our world touching every other body of water?¬†

Can you fall into one lake and rise in another?

Is the aquifer unbounded, pulled by the tides of the arctic?

The druids drew maps of ley lines, bridging Stonehenge with temples now brought to dust.

Coursing across the globe, these icons of power amplify each other.

A statue in Japan speaks in whispers to a cairn below our Nebraska feet.

Are you and I any different?

A descent into my soul brings me to ascent in yours.

My waters are yours.

You whisper through miles and sorrow and eons into me.

New colors invade my interior–not painted with my own brush.

Yet, there they are, splashed onto my own canvass.

There is another hand drawing the world in me.

The theory of you is the theory of me is the theory of us

To understand us, we must rewrite the universe and its small sciences

If we are quantum, understanding is dangerous

Maybe we should not pursue understanding

Maybe we should simply immerse in the ocean that is our waters

Maybe we always have